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New Phone Deals – Are they environmentally friendly?

Are you a mobile phone user searching for ways to save money on your next contract? Look no further – we’ve gathered all the best phone deals available in one convenient table so that it’s easy to compare them all.

If you’re a frequent data user or someone who uses their phone primarily for calls, finding the best deal can be challenging. Be sure to watch for major sales events like Black Friday and Amazon Prime Day to score additional discounts.

Unsustainable life cycles in phones

  • Most phones are bought brand-new.

  • They’re used either until either they break, or the customer’s contract finishes.

  • Then they’re often left alone in a drawer or thrown away, and a brand-new phone is bought or replaced.

Pay as You Go

Saving money on your mobile phone contract UK 2023 can be done through SIM-only deals. This way, you only pay for what you use – making it essential that you match your plan to your needs.

Before selecting which network offers the best coverage in your area, it’s important to verify which networks work best there. Ofcom offers a mobile network checker that will assist in this regard – simply plugging in your zip code will show which networks are available near you.

If you’re a frequent user of calls, texts and data, an unlimited deal with unlimited minutes might be ideal for you. On the contrary, a monthly allowance that caps how much can be spent on each could work better for some individuals.

Takeout phone contracts can be costly, so it’s wise to shop around before signing up. Additionally, you have the option to haggle with your current provider if they’re not providing a deal that appeals to you.


A new phone can be expensive, but with a mobile contract deal you can spread the cost over an agreed number of months. This means you don’t need to shell out thousands of pounds upfront for your brand new smartphone.

Mobile phone contracts typically for the iPhone 12 for example, last 12 to 24 months and include either a free handset or reduced price on the handset itself. They may also include certain amounts of data, calls and texts as part of the deal.

Many UK networks offer a selection of extras and incentives when you sign up to a mobile contract. These can include free gift vouchers or discounted cinema tickets.

Saving money on a mobile phone contract is easy when you shop around. Use an online comparison website to locate the most advantageous offers from various providers.

EE is the UK’s most popular network, but it’s not alone in offering great value. Networks like iD Mobile, VOXI and Plusnet all rely on EE’s infrastructure for affordable pay monthly deals.

SIM Only

If you don’t need to purchase a new phone, SIM only plans can be the ideal option. They tend to be cheaper than standard smartphone contracts since they don’t include a handset and offer the freedom of changing devices whenever desired.

Plastic waste is a huge issue in the UK as we’ve mentioned before. A SIM is a small plastic card that fits into your phone and stores information such as your mobile number. With it, you can make calls, texts and access data on the go.

Your cost for a SIM only plan will depend on which network you select and how much data you require. Typically, the most affordable plans offer unlimited call minutes, texts and GBs of data at no additional cost.

SIM-only deals come in a range of contract lengths, such as 12-, 18- and 24-month options. Generally speaking, the longer your contract, the cheaper it will be for you.

Pay Monthly

Finance your phone on finance with a pay monthly contract and enjoy great savings! You pay a fixed monthly fee for your handset, plus an agreed amount of call minutes, text messages and data – all spread out over the duration of your contract.

You have the option to select from a variety of deals with various allowances for calls and texts or data usage. Furthermore, some deals provide international roaming rates in case you frequently take your phone abroad.

Another way to save money is with a pay as you go (PAYG) plan. This allows for adding credit to your mobile phone account whenever necessary, but it’s less flexible than a fixed-monthly contract.

On his TV show, savings expert Martin Lewis discussed how Brits could avoid costly increases to their phone bill by switching networks. He recommended that if you were out of contract or had termination fees, “it might be worth checking what benefits can be gained if you switch”.

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