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What is ‘Green Internet’ or ‘Green Broadband’ – And What Does It Mean For Our Future?

You probably haven’t heard of ‘Green Internet’ before. It’s a new idea where we optimise internet usage (and the power

New Phone Deals – Are they environmentally friendly?

Are you a mobile phone user searching for ways to save money on your next contract? Look no further –

Halfords Snaps Up Scotland’s Biggest Tyre Fitter

Car parts and cycle chain Halfords has snapped up McConechy’s, one of Scotland’s biggest tyre repair and MOT businesses. Founded

Plastic Straw Fans – A new low?

It has been widely reported in the tabloid press recently, that a handful of McDonald’s “fans” are avoiding using paper

Does buying a new smartphone damage the environment? (yes)

It may not seem obvious, but it’s much better for the environment to keep your old mobile phone running as

Wasteful plastic – a turning point?

Perhaps a good news story – or not. But let’s delve in – taking inspiration from the Sky Ocean Rescue

Tyre waste crime revealed

The waste management sector has a serious issue with illegal activity and what is known as waste crime. Waste crime

Another waste of plastic – Poundland guilty

Poundland has been accused of creating unnecessary plastic waste by selling nothing, complete with heart-shaped packaging, for Valentine’s Day. Called

Concrete – not plastic – is the new CO2 nightmare

A report last year said important changes were needed to align with the Paris Agreement targets, which require the cement