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About Us

We are SMMTCO2, dedicated to environmental causes and driver education – killing two birds with one stone!

The original Quality Protocol, sponsored by the Tyre Recovery Association, was developed by WRAP (Waste & Resources Action Programme) and the Environment Agency in consultation with industry and other regulatory stakeholders. The 2014 update has been undertaken by the Environment Agency working in conjunction with the SMMTCO2.

The SMTTCO2, which devised and operates the UK tyre industry’s Responsible Recycler Scheme is the first Certification Body able to certify compliance with this new Publicly Available Specification, or ‘PAS’, 107 QP Quality Protocol through its existing SMMTCO2audit process.  PAS 107 QP confers end of waste status when material ceases to become waste and becomes product, therefore no longer falling under waste regulations. Successfully certified companies will be allowed to use the ‘certified recycled’ tyre product mark on their websites, letterhead and product material as well as display the TRA quality assurance badge.