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Plastic Straw Fans – A new low?

It has been widely reported in the tabloid press recently, that a handful of McDonald’s “fans” are avoiding using paper straws by using plastic coffee lids. We are told that it comes after customers “furiously called for the company to make a big change” (I wonder what that would be?).

Fast food lovers have seen the chain, which boasts more restaurants in Birmingham than any UK city outside of London, replace their plastic straws with paper ones. But apparently not all “fans” – as the tabloid media call them – are happy, despite environmental campaigners lauding the company for the move.

McDonald’s is replacing plastic straws with paper alternatives at all of its 1,361 restaurants across the UK and Ireland.

This appears to be reaching a near-hysterial level of coverage. Switching to plastic straws is a welcome change, although it risks alienating a lot of people against the cause of environmentalism. If they cannot drink their drink without the eco-friendly alternative failing on them, then it risks wider damage. Which will harm us all.

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