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Wasteful plastic – a turning point?

Perhaps a good news story – or not. But let’s delve in – taking inspiration from the Sky Ocean Rescue campaign, a region of England has created the country’s first local circular economy. The traditional system of getting rid of waste is linear: packaging is made, used and disposed.

Charpak employee emptying recycling bottles

But the local authority in Cambridgeshire along with a local plastics processor and packaging company have joined together to create a model which is circular.

In this way, packaging is removed from bins in the street, cleaned and processed and then recycled back into plastic to be reused by manufacturers and bought by consumers. The organization behind the plan, Charpak, has been chipping away at the venture for as long as year and a half.

It ended up operational early this year and it is trusted it will enhance plastic as an asset and furthermore reduced CO2 outflows since all the work will be done locally.

Justine Kempson, deals and development chief, stated: “This is a joint effort crosswise over multi-organizations, cooperating to re-reason and reuse plastics and to make an incentive in that. And Heidi Field, waste manager from Huntingdonshire District Council which helped work on the project, said: “The main aim is to encourage people to recycle more and, from a residents’ point of view, is to see the end product as well, to see what happens to their waste which we have collected from their kerbside.”

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