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What is ‘Green Internet’ or ‘Green Broadband’ – And What Does It Mean For Our Future?

You probably haven’t heard of ‘Green Internet’ before. It’s a new idea where we optimise internet usage (and the power it uses) to make the future more green for everyone.

A sad fact of life is that anything electrical requires energy consumption. And the internet is no different. This website is running off of a server which is consuming a lot of energy. Even if this website has zero visitors at the current time, it is still using up vital energy resources to keep it online.

Plus, the World Wide Web is not just driven by websites, apps and data but by routers, switches, servers which make this whole ecosystem a reality. This system requires electricity – which mainly comes from non-renewable sources. 

In simple terms, when you order a pizza or binge watch your favourite Netflix show or you tweet about Green Internet, it causes climate-damaging CO2. So should we stop using the Internet for the sake of a green environment? 

Of course not.

The solution, as ever, needs to come from consumer demand.

Why do we need Green Internet in the UK?

Surfing the internet needs energy, but above all comes the data processing units. The whole magic of the internet happens in data centres. These are responsible for almost 30 percent of the Internet’s energy requirements. In the estimated over 8 million server farms running all across the world, host of computers are deployed to process, store and transmit data. 

Make better choices too – for example, you can switch to a green internet broadband provider in the UK now. A good example is somewhere like Green ISP – founded in 2003, they aren’t a household name in the UK broadband market yet, in fact I couldn’t find any broadband reviews. But Green ISP claim that they are growing all the time.

Plus you can in other countries in Scandinavia too. In fact, more and more companies are making your internet access and therefore your electricity usage “green”.

How we CAN build a Green Internet 

The ideology to build a green internet is gaining traction as more people switch on to the energy crisis around us.

To reduce energy consumption without compromising with growth, is where corporate interests lie. Many effective methods have been proposed and are in making.

One of the solutions for efficient energy is ECONET (low Energy COnsumption NETworks) Project and TREND (Towards Real Energy-efficient Network Design). In ECONET, engineers have modified the router hardware design and software networking platform. 

The new design causes frequency switching based on load. It can work on a total of five frequencies. This change is expected to reduce power consumption

Other methods to build green internet are some suggestions here:

  • To use renewable source of energy like wind turbines and solar panels (or photovoltaics) 
  • To decentralise power generation units by using hydrogen power plants (such as that by Siemens)
  • Introduce battery system solutions or virtual power plants
  • Use companies like Namecheap who have a green internet policy.

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